It's Time for Hillary


It’s time.

It’s time we broke that highest and hardest glass ceiling.

It’s time for an economy that works for everyone, for pay equity, for higher education that’s affordable for all Americans. 

It’s time for Hillary Clinton.

Today, I’m proud to announce to you, my friends and supporters, that I’ll be working hard this year and next to help elect Hillary and I hope you’ll join me.  Will you commit to joining me in New Hampshire on August 29?

Hillary is a lot of things to a lot of people. Activist, organizer, lawyer, mother and grandmother. Sunglass-wearing, tough-negotiating, world-traveling Secretary of State. History-making U.S. Senator and First Lady.

There’s a lot of reasons to be with her but let me tell you a few of mine.

She’s a leader who is willing to take on the big guys to protect the rest of us. As a young lawyer, she helped lead the Congressional investigation into President Nixon. In Arkansas, she taught law and ran legal clinics to help poor families and children. As the first woman Senator from New York, she took on Congress when it wasn’t doing enough for rural areas and small towns.

Now, she’ll be on our side as President. Her economic plan will fight the core challenge of our time – raising incomes for everyday Americans and closing the equality gap in earning. She’s proven she’ll be our champion and the champion for all Americans.

Hillary Clinton shares my vision for what America can be, she shares our values as Democrats and she’s the right leader at the right time. We’ve come too far for equality, for human rights, for economic justice to go backward.

I’m all in and I’m ready to hit the streets. On August 29th, I’ll be kicking off a canvass for Hillary in Exeter, New Hampshire, just down the road from where I grew up. Click here to sign up and join me in New Hampshire.

There’s a lot at stake. And it’s time for action.

Please join me.

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