An Amazing First Year


“I love my job.”

It’s probably the four words I’ve uttered most since being sworn in a year ago today as your Attorney General.

Being the People’s Lawyer is the opportunity of a lifetime. I absolutely love it. I get excited every time I walk into our office, every time I sit with my team to tackle big issues, every time I am in the community and with the people who make this state the most amazing place to live, work and raise our families.

We’re kicking off 2016 with the same kind of relentless energy I hope you saw in our first year. We’re looking ahead to the challenges around the bend and we’re already pushing hard on our top priorities. We need you to join our team, to volunteer and help us achieve our goals.

We have a lot to be proud of in our first year and, while we’re all focused on the big challenges ahead, I wanted to take a moment on this important anniversary to share with you all that you’ve made possible – not just for me but for the people our campaign was always about.

A year ago on another chilly weeknight at historic Faneuil Hall, I was honored to take the oath and lay out my agenda. It was an aggressive agenda out of the gate and I think we’ve proven as a team that we’re able to take issues on – big and small.

Some highlights to me:

•         Our intense focus on economic security for the people of Massachusetts – leading the on-time implementation of the state’s new earned sick time law, creating a domestic workers bill of rights, advocating for a critical equal pay law, working with Senator Elizabeth Warren to help students drowning in student loan debt and, in May, we led by example in providing six weeks of paid leave for all our employees.

•         Prioritizing our nation-leading enforcement, investigations and treatment efforts on prescription drug abuse and heroin use, solidifying a first-in-the-nation agreement to provide the anti-overdose drug Narcan to first respondersthroughout Massachusetts and collaborating with Governor Charlie Baker, Mayor Marty Walsh and other partners, including joining Secretary Hillary Clinton for an event in Boston, drawing national attention to our efforts.

•         Creating the first-ever Community Engagement Division to put my promise of being the People’s Lawyer into action, starting a series of Community Action Hours, organizing 126 engagement events and trainings and directly engaging nearly 9,000 people where they are, live and work.

•         Upending the debate over energy and the environment by creating a newly-merged Energy and Environment Bureau to better protect ratepayers, conducting a high-profile regional study on electric reliability and intervened on the proposed Kinder Morgan natural gas pipeline.

•         Keeping my promise to stand up for people by holding casinos to their commitments in Boston, Springfield and Plainville on critical gaming implementation issues, expanding our Gaming Enforcement Division.

•         Leading investigations and awareness on gun violence reduction efforts, partnering with chiefs of police on education and gun safety regulations and reminding gun dealers of their responsibilities under our tough gun laws.

•         Carrying forward my lifelong commitment on civil rights, urging the U.S. Supreme Court to uphold the national right to marry, advocating at the State House for important legislation to prohibit discrimination against transgender individuals.

•         Making good  on our commitment to better protect young people, launching our Child and Youth Protection Unit, partnering with the New England Patriots on a first-in-the-nation Game Change program to train high school staff on domestic violence prevention and implementing tough new regulations to limit the sale of e-cigarettes to those under 21.

It’s a lot – and that’s not even all of it. I told you a year ago it was a tall order for maybe the shortest person to hold this office. But we’re doing it and we’re just getting started!

In 2016, we have big plans to double down on our economic security efforts, further tackle gun violence, find new and aggressive ways to help those struggling with opiate abuse, lead as the 21st Century ratepayer advocate to find common sense energy solutions and find new ways to bring our office’s work to the people across Massachusetts.

We need you now more than ever.

Will you join me to make sure our list of successes on behalf of the people continues to grow this year? Will you join our grassroots team to help get the word out in your neighborhood, identify important events for our team to join in your region and be my ambassadors on social media and beyond? Will you help contribute today to ensure we can keep doing this important work?

I know I wouldn't be here without you. thank you. You know how much I love my job. We have so much yet to do in the next year. Please stay engaged.

Let's get at it.                 


All the best,


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