Remarks to the 2016 Democratic State Convention


Attorney General Maura Healey

Prepared Remarks to Massachusetts Democratic Convention

June 4, 2016

Thank you!

It’s so great to be back with all of you, back in Lowell! 

I can’t believe we’re 16 months in and I’m so grateful for every minute of it. I’m inspired by the trust you’ve placed in me. But, more than that, I am inspired by what we can do together – as Democrats!

To organize;

To make the case;

To advance an agenda for all Americans;

And there’s never been a more important time for us to get to work.

We know this is a challenging time in America. In Congress, the last six years have been about the least productive and the least popular in American history. And, when they do things, it’s even scarier.

In legislatures around the country, conservatives have shown us exactly how they’ll govern they get the chance. After mass shootings in Sandy Hook, Charleston, and San Bernardino, they actually made it easier for dangerous people to buy guns and carry them; They’ve doubled down on climate change denial; They’ve hammered public sector unions and working families; They’re still trying to take away health care; They’ve passed laws designed to make it harder for Americans to vote; And they’re writing discrimination and prejudice back into law.

In the middle of it all, Donald Trump has built a campaign that plays to hate, derision, division and fear.

He wants to deport masses of people and build walls to keep everyone else out.

He’s called for a travel ban on the world’s one billion Muslims, refused to denounce the KKK, and openly incites violence at rallies.

Now, I am confident that voters are going to turn away the hate and send Donald Trump back to market another failed enterprise. I believe that if we make our case to the American people and  work hard for our candidates, we’re going to celebrate Democratic victories this November!

As you may know, I’ve been campaigning for our next President, Hillary Clinton.

We have had a primary campaign that I think we can all be proud of – about ideas, experience and vision, not about hate, or fear or bullying. And the excitement for Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton, we’re going to build on it in the months ahead.

We are going to need to make the case that Donald Trump’s agenda is NOT an agenda for the American people. The Trump agenda won’t help Americans pay for college, find a job, or start a business. Won’t help working families raise their children or take care of aging parents. The Trump agenda won’t expand opportunity or advance civil rights. 

As Democrats, these are OUR fights. We’ve done it before.

We brought universal healthcare to Massachusetts!

We raised the minimum wage and passed Earned Sick Time;

And, because of Massachusetts, every American has the right to marry the person they love.

It’s incredible what we can do when we work together. And right now, it’s up to us to fight for our beliefs!

As Democrats, we believe in standing up when it matters.

The NRA has a stranglehold on Congress. No level of atrocity, it seems, will shame the hard right into action on guns.

But we don’t sit back and complain about what is, we stand up and fight for what should be.

Here’s one quick story:

Last week, I went to the White House with leaders from close to 50-states on gun violence prevention. I brought with me letters from Massachusetts students who wrote me demanding strong, simple action. Tyrone wrote me to say this: “Let’s make people come together for more than just funerals.”

As Democrats, let’s come together for Tyrone, for students like him and for the 100,000 people in America who have been killed with a gun since we all vowed never again after Sandy Hook.

And, as Democrats, we need to stand up for what we believe in.

We believe in students, they should be able to get an education without drowning in debt!

We believe in battling climate change and against those who deny it or ignore it.

As Democrats, we believe: 

  • That joining a union is our right;
  • That voting is our right;
  • That repealing citizens united is a must!
  • That reproductive health care is a right – for EVERY WOMAN!
  • We believe that if you work for a living, you should actually be able to MAKE a living
  • We believe in equal pay!
  • And we believe in the fight for social, economic, and racial justice – so that every child has the opportunity we want for our own families. 

It’s up to us as Democrats to lead! We have a busy six months ahead!

We have tough races in Massachusetts and across the country.

And the stakes for the Presidency have actually never been higher.

But I know there is no group of people

-        More experienced

-        More passionate

-        More persuasive

-        And more fired up than Massachusetts Democrats!

Let’s get to work!

Thank you.

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