A Leader for Our Party's Future


Massachusetts has a long history of fighting for what’s right. The first Constitution, the first public schools, the abolitionist and suffrage movements, equal rights for all, health care for all. Now the world is watching and we must be ready to take on anyone who tries to set back the progress we have made here in Massachusetts and across the country.

On Monday, we will elect a new chair for our state Democratic party to help us meet the challenges ahead. We have three strong candidates for the job. I'm supporting Steve Kerrigan as the best candidate to build on our Democratic successes here, engage the grassroots and stand up for our shared values and principles at this critical time.

Steve knows every part of our Commonwealth. I saw firsthand while we campaigned together across the state that he knows what we need to do to succeed as a party of the people – precinct by precinct, door by door.

In recent days, I’ve had the chance to discuss with Steve what I hope to see from our next party chair. I know we need strong leadership to advance an agenda that reflects and empowers all our residents.

As we plan a course for the future, we need to keep faith with our past successes as the the first state with universal health care and marriage equality, and as the nation’s leader in the fight against climate change, and for equal pay and sick leave for all workers.

I believe in a Democratic Party that celebrates diversity, participation and transparency – a party built from the grassroots on up, particularly in communities that have been disenfranchised by our process. 

I believe in a Democratic Party that embraces its platform as a statement of our shared beliefs and seeks to make those beliefs real through laws and actions that expand voting rights, protect our environment and reproductive rights, challenge racism and all discrimination, reform our criminal justice system, and champion economic opportunity for all.

I believe in a Democratic Party that encourages new ideas, new perspectives and new candidates, like I was in 2014. We need the best people to run and we need the resources to help them win!

Steve Kerrigan is committed to that same vision. That’s what he showed us as our nominee for Lieutenant Governor and throughout his career.

As the son of two union members in Central Massachusetts, Steve is a lifelong Democrat who has backed up his words and beliefs with action time and time again – as a key adviser to Senator Kennedy and Chief of Staff in the Attorney General’s Office, the driving force behind two Democratic National Conventions and two Presidential inaugurations, and as a candidate himself for local and statewide office.

Steve gets things done. He is the best person to lead our state party to new heights, where we can lead the nation in increased participation and voter identification, engagement and mobilization.  I know Steve will work his tail off all to accomplish our shared goals.

I hope you’ll join me in supporting Steve Kerrigan on November 14 and in the work ahead to build a stronger future for our party and our Commonwealth.

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