I Need Your Help


Donald Trump plans to roll back much of the progress we’ve made in Massachusetts and as a nation.

A lot of people are asking, “What can be done?”

When the federal government overreaches, state attorneys general have an enormously important role to play. The People’s Lawyer is the first line of defense against illegal action by the federal government and I won’t hesitate to take Donald Trump to court if he carries out his unconstitutional campaign promises.

I need your help. Can you contribute $50, $100, or whatever you can today?

Here in Massachusetts, we’ve taken on these fights before. When I was head of the Civil Rights Division, we sued the federal government to challenge the Defense of Marriage Act, and we won. When George W. Bush was president, our office went to the U.S. Supreme Court to force the EPA to regulate carbon emissions, and we won.

But you know the fight ahead is even bigger.

More than a decade after Massachusetts launched universal health care, we can’t let Donald Trump and Paul Ryan dismantle our health care system.

Having passed and enforced some of the strongest gun laws in the country here in Massachusetts, we can’t let the NRA undermine our safety.

With the clean energy economy we’re building, we can’t let them ignore climate change and destroy jobs.

After the years our office has spent going up against the big banks, we can’t let them gut Wall Street reform.

I’m ready to suit up and get to work for you. But I need your help.

Will you donate now to help me as I make our case?

As Attorney General, I’ll have your back every day. Thanks for having mine.

Thanks for all you do,


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