Getting My Back


When the NRA and big oil sue me, I know I’m doing something right. I don’t worry for one minute because the law is on our side, and so are you. You have my back and I have yours and I have the backs of every person in Massachusetts – even when they don’t agree with me. That’s my job.

As we usher in a new President and the most dangerous Cabinet ever assembled, I’ll be on the front lines defending our progress for the next two years and, with your support, beyond 2018.

Can you help me by giving to our campaign before the year-end deadline?

We saw this year how the big guys and entrenched interests don’t like being challenged: The NRA fighting common sense gun law enforcement, big oil marching into court to avoid answering basic climate change questions and, even in Massachusetts, Republicans balking at ensuring our state welcomes everyone and everyone is paid equally for the same work.

December 31 marks the end of the fundraising year and a critical deadline as we prepare for the 2018 election.

Our opponents, those looking to slow progress and protect their interests need to know you stand with me.

Click here to donate on our secure website - $50, $100, $500, whatever you can.

The individual limit is now $1,000 but I appreciate anything you can do.

Thank you for your support, for your grassroots community work with us and for staying engaged in our work via social media – these are the best ways to join in the tough fights ahead.

Happy holidays and here’s to standing together in 2017 and beyond!


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