Last Chance


I’m proud of what we were able to accomplish in 2016. And I can’t wait to continue that work in 2017.

Every day, I’ve got your back as the People’s Lawyer. Today, I need you to have mine by helping us meet our year-end goals by donating to our campaign before midnight. 

In a few weeks, I’ll hit the midpoint in my first term as your Attorney General. I love my job and the privilege to work every day on behalf of people across Massachusetts.

We have an aggressive agenda.

I’ve made clear since the election that we won’t slow or roll back the progress we’ve made in Massachusetts or around the nation. Every day, we will fight to protect health care access and keep it affordable; promote and grow economic opportunity for everyone – not just those at the top; fight for a cleaner energy future and address climate change; and work to reduce violence in all its forms, including gun violence.

Will you join me by donating what you can today?

In our long shot campaign two years ago, we won because we had the right issues, the right message and, the biggest game changer – you.

In 2018, we know big oil, the NRA and countless other entrenched interests will be aligning against us. I need your help today to make sure we’re ready.

Please go to our secure website right now and donate whatever you can:

Quick click here to donate $25

Quick click here to donate $50

Quick click here to donate $100

You can, of course, donate whatever you can afford – up to $1,000 each calendar year.

But we need whatever you can before midnight, to count toward our critical year-end goals.

Thank you for being by my side through this extraordinary year. I know you’ll be there with me in 2017 and as we gear up for our campaign in 2018. Join us today and thanks for all you do – all year round.

Happy New Year to you and yours.


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