Listen & Watch: Maura's Post-Election Town Hall in Arlington


Last night in Arlington, 450 people turned out for a post-election town hall meeting with Maura.

It was an amazing display of commitment to carrying on our work locally, statewide and nationally on a positive, proactive agenda and to defend against any effort by President-elect Trump to undo the progress we've made.

You can watch video of our Facebook Live broadcast by clicking here or listen to the full audio of the event by clicking on this link -- /Uploads/MTH_Arlington_audio_120614.mp3

If you have photos from the event, please post them on social media and tag Maura - MauraHealeyMA on Facebook and @Maura_Healey on Twitter. Email our field team at if you are interested in hosting or being involved in future events or text "Maura" to 313131 to join our team.

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