Maura's OpEd: 'Not a reality we can accept'


How do you explain a mass shooting to a 6-year-old? That's a question I was asked yesterday. Parents across Massachusetts woke up with a pit in their stomach. How do we send our children to school if we can’t keep them safe?

This is not the America we grew up in. It is not a reality we can accept.

I know I join every reader — and all Americans — in expressing heartbreak and grief for the people of Parkland, Fla., the victims, the families in mourning and all those fighting for their lives. I know we are deeply grateful for our brave law enforcement officers and first responders who, as always, rushed toward danger. But our words are not enough. We need to act.

Massachusetts has some of the strongest gun laws in the country and they’re working. We have the lowest rate of gun deaths in America. And despite what you hear from the NRA, we achieved those results while respecting the rights of gun owners. But this isn’t a problem Massachusetts can solve alone.


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