• Editorial: We simply can’t afford another Eversource rate hike

    April 24, 2017

    An editorial recently published in The Recorder highlights the financial burden a proposed Eversource rate hike would have on Massachusetts residents. "The typical residential bill would increase about $11.64 a month, roughly 10 percent in 2018. That money would help the electric utility address...

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  • Statement: North Carolina's discriminatory bills on LGBT rights

    April 14, 2017

    Statement from Attorney General Maura Healey: "The North Carolina Assembly's continued introduction of bigoted and unconstitutional bills tells the business community, the NCAA, and the public everything we need to know about their governing agenda. The state's newest law on LGBT rights does not...

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  • #IStandWithPP

    January 05, 2017

    Women should be making decisions about their birth control, cancer screenings, and basic reproductive health care -- not Paul Ryan, Donald Trump or the Republican Party. Many of the women and men who would lose this care if Republican leaders have their way cannot afford or access other options....

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  • Last Chance

    December 31, 2016

    I’m proud of what we were able to accomplish in 2016. And I can’t wait to continue that work in 2017. Every day, I’ve got your back as the People’s Lawyer. Today, I need you to have mine by helping us meet our year-end goals by donating to our campaign before midnight. I...

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  • Maura Healey Does What's Right

    December 29, 2016

    My son Galen was killed with an SKS rifle, predecessor to the notorious AK-47. In the decades since his murder, the same military-style weapons have torn families apart and terrorized communities. I haven’t been involved with a lot of politicians in my life, but when Maura Healey promised ...

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  • Getting My Back

    December 22, 2016

    When the NRA and big oil sue me, I know I’m doing something right. I don’t worry for one minute because the law is on our side, and so are you. You have my back and I have yours and I have the backs of every person in Massachusetts – even when they don’t agree with me. Tha...

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  • Listen & Watch: Maura's Post-Election Town Hall in Arlington

    December 07, 2016

    Last night in Arlington, 450 people turned out for a post-election town hall meeting with Maura. It was an amazing display of commitment to carrying on our work locally, statewide and nationally on a positive, proactive agenda and to defend against any effort by President-elect Trump to undo the...

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  • I Need Your Help

    November 29, 2016

    Donald Trump plans to roll back much of the progress we’ve made in Massachusetts and as a nation. A lot of people are asking, “What can be done?” When the federal government overreaches, state attorneys general have an enormously important role to play. The People’s Lawy...

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  • AG Healey: Sessions Should Be Rejected As US Attorney General

    November 18, 2016

    Statement of Attorney General Maura Healey on the appointment of Senator Jeff Sessions as United States Attorney General "Senator Sessions deeply concerns me as a potential Attorney General. He has made a career standing against many of our most important values as a state. His past comments &n...

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  • A Leader for Our Party's Future

    November 11, 2016

    Massachusetts has a long history of fighting for what’s right. The first Constitution, the first public schools, the abolitionist and suffrage movements, equal rights for all, health care for all. Now the world is watching and we must be ready to take on anyone who tries to set back the pro...

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